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Espanita Double Barrel Anejo 750ml

Espanita Double Barrel Anejo 750ml

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Rich, elegantly executed, and decadently delicious double-barrel aged Añejo tequila that charms with tantalizing, aromatic Bourbon notes while expressing its grassy, fruit-driven Agave foundation. First aged for at least 12 months in American white oak barrels and then finished for another 8 months in Kentucky Bourbon casks. An exquisite sipper and makes outstanding riffs on classic cocktails such as Old-Fahioned, Negroni, Manhattan and Tequila Sour.

On a nose, aromas of honey oak, roasted agave, and vanilla butterscotch lead to dark chocolate mingling with dried fruit. On a palate, rich notes of caramel, roasted nuts, coconut butter, spicy cigar box, and baking spices are layered on earthy, grasy Agave foundation with sautéed herbs, papaya, cumin, and green mole notes. Lingering seamless finish.

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