Barrell Rye Whisky Cask Strength 5 Yr 115.7 750ml

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TASTING NOTES: This rye blend highlights rye’s earthier side, featuring notes of tobacco, leather, and mole poblano. Its stewed fruit and wilder savory character recall the syrahs of France’s Rhône valley: blackberry and tapenade on the nose followed by flavors of bresaola and black pepper.

Appearance: Copper penny with pumpkin highlights.

Nose: Blackberry, dried apricot and Concord grape lead off. The grape introduces woodsy tones of blonde tobacco, birch oil and dandelion root. Rye lends its familiar bouquet garni, lemon verbena, and peppermint aromatics. Meanwhile an unhurried maturation has produced cashew, tahini and nocino.

Palate: The first impression mirrors the nose but here grape soda is joined by a dark amber maple syrup. Burnt marshmallow leads into rich espresso and black licorice. There’s a deep umami presence of leather, black olive, and grilled onion. The oak here is strong and extractive yielding clove, coconut oil, and pine needle.

Finish: A burst of blanche armagnac and rosewater volatiles make way for the piquant heat of mole poblano and black pepper on the tongue. The lingering impression is of juniper, thyme, and wormwood.

With a splash of spring water

The nose is completely transformed into something bright and fresh, featuring brioche, ricotta, and lychee. Its sweeter side has the nostalgic reverie of vanilla salt-water taffy and mint chocolate chip ice cream. By contrast, the palate’s notes of pumpernickel and Dijon mustard maintain its focus on the savory. The finish is resinous, developing mastic, rosemary, and lavender.