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Dictador Xo Insolent Rum 750ml

Dictador Xo Insolent Rum 750ml

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DICTADOR XO Insolent is made from first press sugar cane honey that is fermented for 60 hours then is 30% pot and 70% column distilled. It is aged in a combination of ex-bourbon, ex-port barrels and charred port casks to give the rum those sweet and smoky flavors from the oak. By carefully hand selecting barrels from each year’s vintage, the master blender marries together these unique liquids to create the beautiful blend that is XO Insolent.

A deep, mahogany shine that creates an unforgettable color in the glass. A strong vanilla and honey nose with hints of white chocolate and parfait caramel. Extremely smooth mouthfeel with fudge, intense vanilla and Colombian coffee on the palate. A long finish that is delicately balanced with light oak for a sweet-yet-strong experience.

EXTREMELY SMOOTH PALETE  Once the bottle is opened, you will be enticed by the hypnotic aromas of roasted honey, vanilla, caramel and ripe oak.

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