Dom Perignon 2013 Brut Vintage Champagne 750ml

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Dom Pérignon is one of the world's most recognized and prestigious Champagne brands. Here's a brief overview:

  1. Origin: Dom Pérignon is a vintage Champagne produced by the Champagne house Moët & Chandon, and it is named after the Benedictine monk, Dom Pierre Pérignon, who is often (though somewhat mythically) credited with pioneering several winemaking techniques in the Champagne region.

  2. Vintage-Only: One of the unique attributes of Dom Pérignon is that it is exclusively a vintage Champagne, meaning it's only produced in the best years and made entirely from grapes harvested in that specific year.

  3. Taste Profile: Dom Pérignon is known for its complexity, richness, and aging potential. The flavor profile often includes notes of almond, cocoa, white fruit, and hints of dried flowers.

  4. Aging: While it can be enjoyed upon release, Dom Pérignon is also known for its ability to age gracefully, with many vintages becoming even more nuanced and harmonious with time.

  5. Packaging: The brand is also well-known for its distinctive shield-shaped label and the green bottle with a silver label for its regular vintage and a white label for its older vintages, known as P2 or P3, which have been allowed to age on lees for longer periods.

  6. Collaborations: Over the years, Dom Pérignon has collaborated with various designers and artists to create limited edition bottles and packaging, further solidifying its reputation as a luxury brand.